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Insekt is a sustainable solution for skincare. Formulated with natural ingredients including our insect derived extracts, Insekt provides exceptional properties allowing it to compete with the latest and greatest beauty products. Beyond personal care, Insekt promotes sustainable, cleaner business practices that contribute to a circular economy and the preservation of our planet.

Enhance your natural beauty and embrace the journey to zero waste.

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Roughly 1/3 of food production for human consumption ends up in landfills producing both carbon and methane emissions. This accounts for almost 10% of global greenhouse emissions. The Black Soldier Fly (BSF) convert this waste into high protein, high fat biomass closing the natural cycle. This zero waste process provides a unique opportunity for skin nourishment and climate action within the beauty industry.

Our BSF oils, sourced from Canadian insect farms, are cold pressed and filtered for purity providing a unique fatty acid profile resemblant of all your favourite plant-based ingredients. However, the BSF uses less water, less land and less energy to produce the same amount of nutrient rich oil. The benefits are unlike anything else currently on the market.

With skin nourishment that matches your current lineup, our unique ingredients extend beyond skincare. Step outside your comfort zone and experience nature as it was intended!

See the breakdown of our INSEKT Oil here: Altrene - BSFL

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