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our climate is just as sensitive as your skin

You'll love putting bugs on your skin!

But, don't take our word for it...

It’s super-light on your face, not greasy at all, and it sinks right into your skin. After I tried it, I thought, they’re really onto something here.


Jackie Passarelli

Very impressed. I have sensitive skin and no reactions. My eyes usually swell with new creams and I have to be careful with the ingredients list. This is a solid product.

Kim Tolson

Honestly, I was thinking the product feels smooth, felt good on the skin and my skin feels dewy. So far my skin is feeling great! I take photos once a week and so far I have three photos and I notice a difference in my complexion.


Kathleen Kennedy


What is Insekt?

Insekt is skincare made with Black Soldier Fly oils. Don't let it bug you, it's awesome!


Why would I put insects on my skin?

Our insect oils contain all the essential components needed for healthy skin and they consume less water and land than other plant-based ingredients.


What results can I expect?

Boost collagen production, restore skins natural oils, even skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce inflammation and promote skin hydration. Yes... it's time to put bugs on your face. You can thank us later.


Where should I start?

The Insekt Bundle is recommended. The trio works best together and FREE shipping is included!

Exceptional Innovation

No chemicals. No additives. No Parabens.
No Formaldehydes. No Sulphates.
Just bugs... among other plant-based ingredients!

You know you're curious...

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